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Brandywine 2017

Saandy Hallow, Birmingham Township, Pennsylvania
16-17 September 2017

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      If you have no musketmen and/or officers, place a "0" in the respective box(es).
General     Officers Musketmen Sutlers  
Music     Drummers Fifers  
Artillery     Gunners Mattrosses  
Other     Native Navy Hospital
Support     Campfollowers Children Horses
18th Century Tentage: British Brigade Camp Layout
      Wedges (enlisted men) Wedges (officers) (or dragoon officers tent)
      Wedges (kitchen)   (only 1 allowed - NO WALL TENTS - No sleeping in this area)
      Wedges longer than 10'
      Kitchen Fly
      Wall Tents - Officers' Line (no ridge poles over 16 ft or uprights over 8 ft)
      Wall Tents - Petty Sutler (very large wall tents)
      Oval Marquee
      Bell of Arms
Modern Tentage & Transportation:
      Modern Tents Camp Section
      Note to QMG

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